Invest in Portugal

The crisis in Portugal is over, the country is one of the safest of Europe, the climate is wonderful, everywhere are golfcourts, surf possibilities, waterparks for the kids, retail centres etc. The infrastructue (highway, airport, internet) is modern.

This is the time to invest in Portugal, the best place for pensioners, tourists and entrepeneurs.

If you want to buy real estate or start a business, do not wait too long, British, American, Chinese and French investors are taking the chances now, but there are still many opportunities.

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Do you want a permanent residency in the EU?

Portugal has the most interesting program: The Golden Visa, for investors from € 500.000.

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We can help you with all your demands, we work together with many real estate agents in the Algarve, independent lawyers, architects, builders and accountants, so you do not have to fear the bureaucracy.

Business opportunities

Also if you want to take over or start a business in the Algarve we can help you find the good opportunities and bring you in contact with reliable lawyers, architects and accountants when needed. We guide you through the whole process. Please let us know what you are looking for, and we will find it.

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Do you want a professional serie of images of your real estate, wedding or just a holiday shoot, we are at your service.

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